Moena Outdoor Programme 2024


For all the easy excursions it is recommended to wear hiking shoes.

For all the medium/easy and difficult excursions, it is mandatory to wear hiking shoes and bring a backpack with a bottle of water and a raincoat.


NEW! MOENA TREK – Get ready for a mountain hike!

A historical path, dear to the inhabitants of Moena, which goes through woods and meadows. In a unique atmosphere, discovering the age-old secrets of the forests, the first excursion of the week will also give you the opportunity to get to know the correct approach to the mountain: how to organise your excursions, read a map, set the equipment, consult the forecasts. All you need for a perfect holiday.


NEW! SORAGA TREK – Get ready for a mountain hike!

Easy guided walk through the 7 farms of Soraga in the quiet atmosphere of this mountain village, at the foot of the Dolomite mountains, that crown Fassa Valley in its historical views of the village and its alpine-coloured beauties

BAREFOOT EMOTIONS – The sensory forest

Experience the barefoot walking in the woods to feel connected with nature and all its well-being.

NEW! MTB test day – for children and teenagers I

n the Moena ‘skillpark’, together with our MTB guides, you can discover this discipline, improve your technical skills and balance, and learn how to safely ride, so that you can become more confident with your bike while having fun on the footbridges and parabolics.

NEW! MTB test day – for adults

An easy tour, adjustable to the needs of participants, with our MTB guides in the woods surrounding Moena, to test and refine your technical skills along singletrack and forest roads. Our guides will then be able to help you choose new possible excursions to take during the week.


MY FIRST VIA FERRATA with Alpine Guides – Fassa Sport Check Point activity

The Mountain Guides will lead you and teach you the right approach to the via ferrata, starting from the easiest and most panoramic routes of the valley.